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Barnard MS 01

Donated to Barnard College in 1923 by Mary E. Larkin Joline (d. 1926), Barnard MS 01 was an antiphonal written in Latin on parchment in fourteenth-century Italy. It was written in formal gothic liturgical book hand, and contains art attributed to Niccolò di ser Sozzo. It uses square notation on four-line red staves.


  1. From pp. 1-182: the common of saints from vespers for the feast of an apostle through the feast of many virgins; for the dedication of a church; for the dead 
  2. From pp. 183-275: Antiphons for the feasts of Corpus Christi (the Thursday after Trinity Sunday), the translation of Francis (25 May), Anthony of Padua (13 June).
  3. From pp. 275: Three antiphons: Exaudi Domine orationem servi tui ut aedificarem templum nomini tuo; Fecit Ioas rectum coram Domino cunctis diebus quibus docuit eum Ioiada sacerdos; Obsecro Domine memento quaeso quomodo ambulaverim coram te in veritate et in corde perfecto et quod placitum est coram te fecerim. [p. 276 blank]
  4.  pp. 277-278 Eleven settings of "Benedicamus domino" for variously ranked or timed feasts. 
  5.  pp. 279-308 Nine settings of "Venite exultemus." 

C. W. Dutschke, 12 January 1998