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Plimpton MS 034

Donated to Columbia by George A. Plimpton (1855-1936), Plimpton MS 034 was intended for use in a convent of Franciscan women. It was written in Latin on parchment in fourteenth-century Flanders. The scribe, Iohannes de Havere, used Gothic script and square notation on 4-line red staves with custos.


  1. ff. 1-3v Procession for Purification.
  2. ff. 3v-9 Procession for Palm Sunday.
  3. ff. 9-17v Procession for Maundy Thursday.
  4. ff. 18-20 Procession for the feast of Francis, "O Stupor et gaudium o iudex homo mencium . . ." with the words for a procession for the feast of Clare of Assisi placed line by line below the first text in a formal and contemporary book hand, "O decus virgineum o iubar vite flammeum . . ."
  5. ff. 20v-32v Service around the coffin and in the cemetery for a woman, with mention of Francis and Clare on f. 31r-v; ends, f. 32v: "Primus confessor me fecit scribi per iohannem de havere servum suum. Anno domini Mo CCCo lio, Orate pro eis."
  6. ff. 33-36v [added] Procession for Corpus Christi.

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C. W. Dutschke, 1993-1996